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I am the Director of the Laboratory of Paleoecology (LOP), a research laboratory associated with the Quaternary Sciences Program. The facility is dedicated to pollen, plant macrofossil and paleoecological analysis of Quaternary sediments.
The Laboratory of Paleoecology (LOP)

LOP is located in the Bilby Research Center and is managed by Susan J. Smith. The facility has all of the field equipment necessary for collection of sediment cores from lakes and wetlands, including coring platforms and coring equipment. Cores are archived for future use in the walk-in cooler.

The facility has a state-of-the-art pollen processing laboratory, with 5µ filtered air and positive pressure to minimize ambient pollen contamination. For pollen identification and counting we have 5 research grade light microscopes with a modern pollen reference collection of ca. 2500 specimens. For work with seeds and other macroscopic plant parts, we have 2 binocular microscopes, and a small reference collection. Data are handled in our computer lab.

The modern pollen reference collection at the LOP is one of only five significant collections in the West, and the only one on the Colorado Plateau. It contains modern pollen samples collected from US National Parks, primarily in California and the Southwest, as well as from the Colorado Plateau, the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and Mexico, and montane California. The specimens provide the basis for two current projects, The Atlas of Colorado Plateau Pollen Types and The Atlas of Sonoran Desert Pollen Types, reference books that Dr. R. Scott Anderson and Susan J. Smith are compiling and which will include digital photographs of pollen types. This collection can be searched online via BECBase. When searching BECBase, this collection is called NAU LOP Pollen.

For more information on the laboratory, opportunities, and prices, please contact Scott Anderson or Susan Smith.