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e-Learning Holiday Greetings 2012


Have a Great Holiday Break

We in the eLearning Center wish you a fabulous holiday break. Now that your grades are in, Fall Semester is behind you, relax and contemplate the Spring! (Or just RELAX!)

Annual eLearning Conference - Venue and Date Change

We would like to give you an early heads-up that our annual conference, usually held in May, will be held at a completely different time-frame this year.

The new dates are February 21-22, 2013

The focus will be Developing Blended Learning Courses, with a keynote by Dr. Norm Vaughan, a well respected expert on designing blended learning environments to promote engagement and measureable student improvement.

For details, see 2013 Southwest Institute for Learning with Technology

To Register, see Registration

The full agenda will be posted soon!

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