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Bb Learn Outage and Blended Learning Survey


Bb Learn Down 3/20-22: Transition to Managed Hosting

Blackboard Learn will be unavailable to all users from 2:00 a.m. Thursday, March 20, through noon Saturday, March 22 for the transition to managed hosting. For more information on this change, please follow this link:

If you need to communicate with all students in your course during the outage, use the ClassList Roster tool to easily communicate via your email, not through Bb Learn nor through LOUIE. See for details.

Reminder : Blended Learning Survey

The Blended Learning Faculty Survey is still open and we seriously SEEK your INSIGHT.

The survey will be open until midnight on Sunday, March 23.

Please take approximately 15 minutes to complete this survey.

Your valuable insight will help us to understand your views, experience, and perspective about Blended Learning at NAU. The Office of the Provost will use your responses to inform future professional development opportunities and to help us provide better support for faculty who design and teach courses that use a blended learning approach.

NAU defines blended learning as an approach that combines the best elements of face-to-face teaching with a variety of technologies, resulting in increased learning effectiveness and improved efficiency. Ideally, a blended course at NAU replaces 50% of the conventional class time with out-of-class activities. However, a course that replaces as little as 25% of the seat time with out-of-class activities can still be considered blended.

Survey URL

Other Information

Thank you!

President's Technology Initiative Expo


Showcase to celebrate the successes of faculty innovators who accepted President Haeger's challenge to redesign courses for a 21st-century university. Discover what these forward-thinking individuals and teams and their students have accomplished.


Friday, March 28, 2014 at 2:45 - 5:00 p.m.


Native American Cultural Center on the NAU Flagstaff Campus

Refreshments will be served

RSVP by Tuesday, March 25 928-523-1239

Blackboard Resources

Additional information about Blackboard Learn is available from the following places.

Sources of Blackboard Learn Information
Type of Resource Description URL
Video tutorials Blackboard On Demand Learning Center
Getting Started, Quick Reference, Tutorials, Manuals Behind the Blackboard Student and Faculty Support Resource Center Blackboard Resources
Online help Help available directly in Blackboard Learn
Online discussion forum Ask Dr. C

Suggestions for BlackBoard?

If you would like to see changes in the way Blackboard Learn works, or have suggestions for new features, in addition to telling us, please submit your ideas directly to Blackboard. The more people they hear from, the more likely they are to incorporate your ideas!

You may submit enhancement requests directly at their website: Suggestions for Blackboard.

Bb Learn Update

Logo of Blackboard Inc.

Note: When we switch to new tools, our technical best practices often have to change. Our old content creation methods for Vista do not work well for Bb Learn. See Creating Content in Bb Learn for information on the current best practices.

Feature Information

Inline Assignment Grading

Instructors can now view assignments and provide feedback – including comments and highlighting – right within a web browser instead of having to download attachments and open them in another application (for example, Microsoft Word). This feature doesn't offer the same level of detailed editing that Track Changes in Word does, but it lets you mark up student work and give high-level feedback.

Discussion Board Enhancements
In the Discussion Board tool instructors can now set a forum so that one student cannot see other students’ threads until after posting his or her own thread. The tool now includes conditional highlighting, making it easier for students to find posts from their instructor.

Calendar Enhancements
When you create an activity with a due date, a corresponding calendar item can be created automatically. Want to quickly change the date? Simply drag-and-drop the calendar item, and the activity due date will be updated as well! Coming soon is the ability to map dates in your course in a global way so you can see all dated items, such as assignments and quizzes, that have adaptive release.

Social Learning
Students and instructors can now connect with others more easily in their courses, at the University, and even at other institutions. By adjusting individual privacy settings, you can choose whether or not you may be “found” by other Bb Learn users. Students and educators can even set up their own Spaces to share common interests, do group work, etc.

Retention Center
The new Retention Center gives faculty at-a-glance alerts about students who might be at risk, who are not engaging with the course, or who might just need a little nudge in order to be successful. The Retention Center replaces the Early Warning System in the previous version of Bb Learn.

Item Analysis
More robust test item analysis and detailed reports that identify problematic test questions 
help instructors improve assessments.

Content Editor
The new Content Editor makes it easier to create and update items in your course with handy WYSIWYG tools, and if you paste from Word, the content editor automatically strips out Word's nonstandard HTML code that can cause so many problems!

Other NAU features or procedures

  • Course Roster Email Listserve: Each class section at NAU has an email listserve that lives outside of Blackboard and outside of LOUIE. Messages sent to this list are forwarded to all students enrolled in the class and to new students as they add the class. This is an effective way to communicate to students prior to the start of the semester and during the semester if you want or need to communicate to their NAU email rather than through the Bb's messaging within a course shell. This tool is more effective than the LOUIE email function; in LOUIE only currently enrolled students receive messages, so any student who enrolls after you send a message doesn't receive the information you sent previously. See
  • As of Grades: NAU's ePlanning team has built a system that displays students' current course grades ("As Of" Grades) throughout the semester in external systems such as the MyNAU Portal and Grade Performance Status (GPS) application, which is NAU's Academic Feedback System. For details on how Blackboard Learn interacts with these other systems, see As of Grades.
  • Grade Upload to LOUIE (PeopleSoft): If you are using the Grade Center in Bb Learn as a place to record student grades, you can easily upload mid-semester or semester grades to LOUIE without having to enter them again. Once the grades are uploaded and approved in LOUIE, they are considered "official." For details see Grade Upload.

Other Blackboard features:

  • New Message Indicator: Bb Learn now has a tool to alert you when you have new messages. It is not turned on by default; you have to explicitly activate it. See New Messages.
  • NBC Learn News and Archives: NAU has licensed the NBC Learn archives for all NAU faculty and student use. See NBC Learn.
  • Test Student (reminder): Each instructor now has a Test Student account, which makes it easier for instructors to see how the course looks and operates for students. See Test Student.

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