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e-Notes for March 25, 2009

Vol. 3, No. 3 | March 25, 2009

Tuning In to iTunes U

Did you know that NAU has a private iTunes U site? iTunes U is a portal to podcasts produced by many different departments at NAU. Anyone who has an NAU login ID and password can access the NAU iTunes U site.

To use iTunes U, first install iTunes software on your computer. The software is available as a free download for both Macs and PCs at For instructions on how to install the software, see the Downloading and Installing iTunes Tutorial for PC. If the iTunes software is already installed on your computer, go to and select Private iTunes U. Your browser will ask for your ID and password, launch iTunes, and then take you to the private NAU site. A public NAU iTunes U site is under development but not yet available.

Why Use Group Activities in Courses?

t4: Tuesday Tips on Teaching with Technology

In the podcast series T4: Tuesday Tips on Teaching with Technology (iTunes link), John Doherty's recent episode titled Why Use Groups, Part One (iTunes link) discusses using online groups effectively for in-person, hybrid, or online courses. John reviews the definition of small groups and discusses why you might want to use group assignments in a course.
New episodes in this series are published on Tuesdays throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.

Tying in the Technology

How Do I...?

The podcast series How Do I? (iTunes link) offers technical tips on how to use technology available at NAU for teaching and learning. In the most recent episode, How Do I Use the Group Manager in Bb Vista? (iTunes link), Sharon Gorman steps you through using Blackboard Vista to create three types of groups and then add students to the groups. She also describes how to create sign-up sheets to let students join groups of their choosing. You can also view this information in an online tutorial, Using the Group Manager in Bb Vista.

e-Learning Event

Join us for the Spring 2009 Showcase: Discovering New Approaches with Technology on Thursday, April 9, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Cline Library, Room 200. NAU faculty will show how they have used technology to enhance their teaching and research. Dr. Gary Emanuel of Educational Leadership will demonstrate how he used a wiki to post digital narratives/interviews of former students from NAU and Arizona State College (NAU's former name). Dr. James Leve of the School of Music will explain how he developed a not-for-credit music history tutorial in Blackboard Vista as a pre-entrance assessment of new graduate students' mastery of music history. Dr. Tricia Moore of Dental Hygiene will show how she has successfully used high-end video capturing to support problem-based learning. Drs. Mariella Herold of Educational Specialities, Steve Cernohous of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, Tom Acker of Mechanical Engineering, and Mr. Dan Stoffel of the e-Learning Center will also present at the showcase.

Attend individual sessions, or join us for all sessions. The showcase is free and a light lunch is provided, but advance registration is required.