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Snow Cancelled Final Exams On-line

Snowy Trees in the mountains

 The current weather has impacted the final exams for many classes on the Mountain Campus originally scheduled for Monday Dec. 7th, and Tuesday Dec. 8th. Due to the closure, alternatives will be necessary. As noted in the message from the Provost, faculty have the option of providing an on-line exercise for the final assessment in their Mountain Campus regular session Fall 09 classes.

The e-Learning Center staff are ready and most willing to help you design a final exam. If you have used Blackboard Vista it likely is doable and may take but a short consultation to get you going. If you have never used Bb Vista it may be a little more involved, but is doable if you are committed to it. In either case, we will work with you to get an on-line final exam you can offer your students sometime between now and before the start of Spring Semester.

The options open to you are varied. If you have a collection of questions, several covering each concept to be tested, we can help you to design a fully online exam in Blackboard Vista with randomized questions designed to provide unique sets of questions to each student. There are many types of questions including multiple choice, True-False, short answer, calculated, fill-in the blank, combination, jumbled sentence, and matching. Depending on the question types selected, some will be auto graded, others will require you to grade them. You may opt to have two sections to your exam, 1) an objective section comprised of any of several types of auto graded questions and 2) a paragraph or essay component.

You may provide for a time limited exam, or open untimed exam. At this point it will be difficult if not impossible to design a time and require all students in your class to take it at the exact same time, however in support of the Provost's call to be "practical and creative" we will help you decide your course of action and to design an effective assessment.

As you will need to decide whether to offer this option to your students by the end of the day tomorrow, Tuesday Dec 8., you will need to use some judgement about your ability to carry this off, with our help of course. We will be checking the ELC email help at Tuesday Dec. 8th for questions and do our best to help you in making this decision.

We look forward to assisting you.

Don Carter, Dir. eLearning Center