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Additional Snow Final Exam Help

Tuesday Dec 8, 2009

Additional Snow Final Exam Help

At the risk of SNOWING you with information, here is additional help for creating on-line exams.

(If any of the links don't work, see the bottom of this page for the complete URLs)


To contact your class via email outside of Bb Vista you may use the classlist email listserve that is automatically setup for each of your courses each term. To use the ClassList, go to ClassLists , for more help on this see ClassLists Help

The ClassList is not to be used to communicate to individual students. One of the safest means of communicating with students about grades and other sensitive intructional concerns is to use the Bb Vista internal email. See Vista Email

Basic Help & Tutorials for Bb Vista

Quickstart: If you have not used Bb Vista much or feel a need for a overview refresher, see Vista Intro

Adding Tools: If you had not already added the Assessment Tool to your Bb Vista course shell, you can do that by adding that tool to your course, see Vista Tools

Creating an Exam: For basic help on creating assessments (quizzes, tests & exams) in Bb Vista, see Vista Exams/Assessments

Respondus: To get a tool for creating questions to be uploaded into Vista, and for further information on how to use Respondus, see Respondus

Uploading Grades from Bb Vista to LOUIE:  If you have never considered using the Bb Vista gradebook for both letting your students see their progress and grades throughout the semester and to upload their final grades from Bb Vista using a very simple process, see Vista Gradebook and Vista Grade Upload

All Bb Vista Tutorials: For a list of all the tutorials noted above, adn others, see Vista Tutorials

For further assistance email the eLearning Help at or call the eLearning phone help at (928) 523-5554 or Toll Free: (866) 802-5256

We trust you will find these resources helpful during this challenge. Don't hesitate to call on us if you need further consultation.


Don Carter, Dir. eLearning Center

Complete URLs

Below is a list of the complete URLs for the links noted above in case some don't work for some reason.

Class Lists:

Vista Email:

Vista Quickstart:

Adding Tools:




Uploading Grades to Louie:

All Tutorials:

Interactive Tutorials: