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Bb Learn updates, coming events, and other tools for learning.

Bb Learn Update

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What is new and what is fixed?

There are new features and functions we now have in place. Some are NAU developed and some have been provided by Blackboard or third parties. Of course if you have questions contact or see the e-Learning full training schedule. A helpful page is the Differences between Vista and Bb Learn.


New NAU features or procedures:

  • Course Copy for Spring: If you plan to use course content from a fall course shell in a spring course shell(s), you will need to request that content be copied by contacting Currently, unlike for Vista, Bb Learn requires a system administrator to copy course content.
  • Migration: The majority of NAU courses have been migrated from Vista to Blackboard Learn. All courses must be off of Vista by January 2012. If you have not requested your course be migrated, do it today; submit requests.
  • As of Grades: NAU's ePlanning team has built a system that displays students' current course grades ("As Of" Grades) throughout the semester in external systems such as the MyNAU Portal and Grade Performance Status (GPS) application, which is NAU's Academic Feedback System. For details on how Blackboard Learn interacts with these other systems, see As of Grades.
  • Grade Upload to LOUIE (PeopleSoft): If you are using the Grade Center in Bb Learn as a place to record student grades, you can easily upload mid-semester or semester grades to LOUIE without having to enter them again. Once the grades are uploaded and approved in LOUIE, they are considered "official." For details see Grade Upload.

New Blackboard features:

  • New Message Indicator: Bb Learn now has the tool to alert you when you have new messages. It is not automatic and does require an action to activate it. See New Messages.
  • Paste from Word into Bb Learn: Pasting formatted text directly from Microsoft Word into Bb Learn can cause unforeseen problems because of the large amount of hidden HTML code that is pasted along with the text. Therefore, we recommend you use the "Paste from Word" mashup tool in Bb Learn whenever pasting text from Word, for details see Paste from Word.
  • NBC Learn News and Archives: NAU has licensed the NBC Learn archives and their repurposed resources for all NAU faculty and student use. See NBC Learn.
  • Test Student (reminder): Each instructor now has a Test Student account to allow one to really check how the course looks and operates for students. See Test Student.


Recent fixes for Blackboard:

  • Quiz Freezing: The majority of the problems with Quizzes freezing has been fixed. If you or your students are still having issues, please contact
  • PDFs: Though PDFs are still an issue Apple Macintosh computers, there now is a popup to explain how to deal with the conflict between Apple and Adobe that causes the problem.

Events & Future Learning Opportunities

Apple iPads and iPhones for Learning: Come learn some of the possibilities for using iPads and iPhones in the classroom. On Tuesday Nov. 29th from 11:00am to 1:00pm in the Meadows Room in duBois, our NAU Apple Student Rep. Travis White, will be hosting and demonstrating various Apps and approaches for using iPads from a student's perspective. If you have an Apple i-device bring it, if you don't have one, there will be some loaners for you to try. This is an informal opportunity for you to epxerience these Apple tools and discuss opportunities for enhancing student learning. There will be snacks and drinks provided, come the Meadows Room in duBois. A couple of the topics will be group work in face-to-face classes and how to wirelessly project the iPad screen to a projector. e-Learning staff will also be there to answer questions and help you explore possibilities.

Blackboard Resources

Additional information about Blackboard Learn is available from the following places.

Sources of Blackboard Learn Information
Type of Resource Description URL
Video tutorials Blackboard On Demand Learning Center
Getting Started, Quick Reference, Tutorials, Manuals Behind the Blackboard Student and Faculty Support Resource Center Blackboard Resources
Online help Help available directly in Blackboard Learn
Online discussion forum Ask Dr. C

Suggestions for BlackBoard?

If you would like to see changes in the way Blackboard Learn works, or have suggestions for new features, in addition to telling us, please submit your ideas directly to Blackboard. The more people they hear from, the more likely they are to incorporate your ideas!

You may submit enhancement requests directly at their website: Suggestions for Blackboard.

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