Additional Contacts

Use this list to determine whom to call for a specific question.

Type of Question Whom to Ask
  Name E-mail Phone
Speak with the e-Learning Center Director Don Carter 928-523-1605
Administrators: Administrative or procedural questions Larry MacPhee 928-523-9406
Lorraine Elder 928-523-8546
Technical Support Specialists: General or technical questions during course planning and course building. Call the e-Learning Center’s Help Line at 928‑523‑5554, or send email to, or ask your Instructional Technologist.
Training Questions: Questions about in-person and online training, self-help tutorials, FAQs, and training videos. Larry MacPhee 928-523-9406
Instructional Technologists: Consultation, one-on-one assistance, office visits, technical questions while teaching your course. Instructional Technologists by College Assignment
Instructional Designers: Pedagogical questions, assessment questions about student learning gains, course evaluations, or self and peer evaluations Walter Nolan 928-523-8554
John Doherty 928-523-1491
Creative Designers: Questions about graphics, audio, video, or multimedia materials Stephanie McCarthy 928-523-8997
Library Support (reserves, resources)
Questions about eligibility for stipends for developing Web courses Patrick Deegan 928-523-6609