Universal Design in Online and Blended Courses: Free Webinar

Tue Oct 4, 2011 8:45am - 10:30am @ Cline Library Room 200  



The UDI Online project at the University of Connecticut will be hosting a FREE webinar "Applying Universal Design for Instruction to Online and Blended Courses: An e-Toolbox for Faculty".  During the free webinar, the project team will

  • Produce an overview of Universal Design for Instruction (UDI);
  • Outline the needs of students and faculty in online and blended courses;
  • Explain the development of an e-toolbox for use by faculty in the planning of a course, delivery of course content, and/or assessment of student learning;
  • Discuss several e-tools (for example, Adobe Acrobat, Doodle, Voice Thread, Jing) within the e-toolbox, highlighting their strategic uses within a postsecondary course to addres the various learning needs of students.