I am a new instructor at NAU, how do I get started with Bb Learn?

Here is some general information of use to new hires and people new to online instruction, and below are some links to get you started with Bb Learn:

Blackboard Learn Self-Help
We offer numerous online tutorials, training videos and answers to frequently asked questions. Use these anytime you need a quick answer to a technical question.

Blackboard Learn Training
You can sign up for any of our in-person or online workshops at http://www.nau.edu/elearning/training. If you are interested in online workshops, see the bottom of the list.

Faculty Support
As you begin to work in Blackboard, you can take advantage of our e-Learning Center Faculty Help Line at Toll-Free (866) 802-5256 or (928) 523-5554.  You can also email the help line at elc-help@nau.edu.

Faculty Consultation
Sometimes, you might like to sit down with one of our Instructional Technologists for a one-on-one consultation if you can't find an answer in any of the above options. 

Last updated: Sep 18, 2012