How do I use the Paste from Word function in Bb Learn?

Update: You can now directly copy text from Microsoft Word and paste it into the Bb Learn content editor without using the Paste from Word tool. We have left this FAQ in place to prevent links that point to it from breaking.

-ELC Staff


Pasting formatted text directly from Microsoft Word into Bb Learn can cause unforeseen problems because of the large amount of hidden HTML code that is pasted along with the text. Therefore, we recommend you use the "Paste from Word" mashup tool in Bb Learn whenever pasting text from Word:

  1. Select/Highlight (Control-A to select all) and then Copy (Control-C to copy) your text from Microsoft Word.
  2. In Bb Learn, use the Text Editor when you are building content (adding a new item, creating an assignment, etc.)
  3. In the Text Editor toolbar, click the Add Mashup menu (the last icon in the last row of tools)
  4. Mashup menu>Paste from Word
  5. Select Paste from Word
  6. Paste your text from Word (Control-V to paste) into the text field
  7. Click Submit
  8. Continue building your content as you normally would

That's it! Your text will retain most of its formatting from Word, while most of the unnecessary and potentially harmful code will be stripped out.

Last updated: Sep 17, 2013