Do you have any advice on using clickers?

Student Clicker registration - Students need to register their clicker through Bb Learn (either the main link on the BbLearn Course List page or within the specific course that will be using the i>Clicker).   They should not be registering their clicker through the i> website.

Instructor Sync – Instructors should sync their course roster within the i>Grader application frequently for the first couple of weeks of the semester to catch additional registrations and reconcile the data from previously unregistered clickers with the newly registered one.

Scoring Values - Settings for points should be figured out carefully before the first attempt at polling.  It is easy to select the correct answer in a poll, but it is very cumbersome to modify the points after a session is complete.

Ending your sessions – You should ALWAYS close out of the i>Clicker and i>Grader programs AND perform the proper safe removal process before you remove your flash drive from the computer. 


Last updated: Oct 1, 2012