How do I customize an assessment for students who need additional time?

1.��� Find where the assessment has been deployed in your course.
2.��� Hovering over the assessment title, select the item options menu (the arrow).
3.��� Choose “Edit Test Options”.
4.��� On the Test Options page, scroll down to section “3.� Test Availability Exceptions”.
5.��� Press the “Add User or Group” button.
������ a.��� A new window titled Add User or Group will open.
������ b.��� Using the checkboxes to the left, select the user(s) or group(s) who need additional time.
������ c.��� Press Submit.
6.��� The user(s) or group(s) selected will appear in the list under section “3.� Test Availability Exceptions”.
7.��� In the Timer column of the list, adjust the number of minutes accordingly.
8.��� Press Submit.

Last updated: Jul 28, 2014