How do I customize an assessment for students who need additional time?

1. Find where the assessment has been deployed in your course.
2. Hovering over the assessment title, select the item options menu (the down-arrow).
3. Choose “Edit the Test Options”.
4. On the Test Options page, scroll down to section “3. Test Availability Exceptions”.
5. Select the “Add User or Group” button.
    a. A new window titled Add User or Group will open.
    b. Using the checkboxes to the left, select the user(s) or group(s) who need additional time.
    c. Press Submit.
6. The user(s) or group(s) selected will appear in the list under section “3. Test Availability Exceptions”.
7. In the Timer column of the list, adjust the number of minutes accordingly.
9. Press Submit.

Last updated: Aug 31, 2014