How do I create a rubric using the Bb Learn Rubrics tool?

  1. In the Course Management > Control Panel menu on the left, expand out Course Tools and select Rubrics.
    Screenshot showing the Rubrics link in the expanded Course Tools.
  2. This will take you to the Create Rubric page in Bb Learn.  In the top left of this page, select the Create Rubric button.
    screenshot of the Create Rubric button
  3. Give the rubric a Name.  Optionally, a Description may be added to help you and other Instructors differentiate how this rubric will be used compared with other rubrics in the Bb Learn course Rubrics list.
    screenshot of the Name field
  4. Continuing in the Rubric Detail section, locate the Rubric Type dropdown menu.  It appears immediately to the right of the Add Column button. 
    1. Select the Rubric Type dropdown menu and choose from the five options: No Points, Points, Point Range, Percent, and Percent Range.  The default is Percent.
      1. NOTE: For data comparison purposes, programs will want to discuss and decide which Rubric Type they want to use as a department or program.
  5. In order to add rows or columns to your rubric, select either the Add Row or Add Column button based on your needs.
    screenshot of the Add Row and Column buttons
  6. Enter the Rubric Criteria and Levels of Achievement according to the content desired for your rubric.  This content could easily be copied from a rubric you have in Word or have exported from TaskStream
    screenshot of the matrix containing the Rubric Criteria and Levels of Achievement
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each row or criterion of the rubric.

  8. Submit to save changes to the rubric.
    screenshot of the Submit button

As an additional resource, view the ondemand "Creating a Rubric" video at

Last updated: Dec 6, 2013