How do I grade an associated assignment using a Bb Learn rubric?

1. From the Grade Center, go to Needs Grading.  Select Grade All Users.

screenshot of grade all users

2.  This will take you to the Grade Assignment page.  In the Assignment Details area on the right, expand the last section indicated by the small down arrow.

screenshot of assignment details

3. In the line below "Grade by Rubric," notice the link (name of the rubric; in this example, "Writing Rubric") and the small icon to the right.  Clicking the link presents a List View of the rubric in the right hand column of the interface.  Clicking the icon opens a Grid View of the rubric.  These instructions will continue using Grid View.

screenshot of grade by rubric

4. Select the Grid View icon. 

screenshot of grid view icon

A new window opens showing the rubric.

screen shot of rubric detail

5. In Grid View, click a cell to apply that value to the grade.  If a rubric with a point range has been used, select the desired value from the drop-down list.  To change the selection, click another cell in the same row.  Optionally, type Feedback in the text box that appears when a cell is selected.

screenshot of rubric cell

A running Raw Total score will be displayed as point selections are made.  Optionally, type a score in the Change the number of points box to override the Raw Total score, and enter Feedback using the text editor features.

screen shot of raw total

6. When grading is complete, click Exit to leave the rubric without saving changes, or Save to save the score and feedback and return to the attempt.  Click Save and Next to use another associated rubric for evaluation.

screen shot of exit and save buttons

7.  After saving, you will be back on the Grade Assignment page.  Add any additional Feedback you would like, and then press Submit.

screenshot of submit button

Once submitted, the grade is automatically entered into the Grade Center.

acreen shot of grade column

Students can view the grade results from My Grades in Bb Learn.  In the GRADED section on the page, the student will find the assignment in the list.

screen shot of graded

If the student selects the Assignment link, s/he will see a page that looks similar to the page used by the instructor to enter the grade.

screenshot of student assignment details

If the rubric was created to be Used for Grading, students can select the rubric icon to view the completed rubric with feedback.

screenshot of rubric with feedback


Last updated: Dec 9, 2013