How do I add a rubric to a Grade Center column?

Attaching a grading rubric to a Grade Center column allows you to objectively grade student work using criteria for achievement as well as provide valuable feedback to your students.

To add a rubric to a Grade Center column:

  1. Go to the Grade Center under the Course Management area
  2. Select Full Grade Center
  3. Select Full Grade Center

  4. Once in the Grade Center, choose the action link next the selected column.
  5. Select column action link

  6. Select Edit Column Information.
  7. Select Edit Column Information

  8. Scroll down to Associated Rubrics.
  9. Go to Associated Rubrics

  10. Hover over Add Rubric.
  11. Hover over Add Rubric

  12. Choose Select Rubric.
  13. Choose Select Rubric

  14. Click the checkbox next to the grading rubric that you want to associate with this Grade Column.
  15. Select the checkbox

  16. Click Submit to close the Select Rubric window.
  17. Submit to close Add Rubric window

  18. The grading rubric you selected should be listed under the Add Rubric area.
  19. View selected rubric

  20. To change the student view options, hover over the Show Rubric to Students option, and select the appropriate choice.
  21. Select Student View Option

  22. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Submit.
  23. Click submit

Last updated: Jan 13, 2014