What resources can publishers provide as I try to select universally designed materials for my course and students?

This is a great question!

If you are already using materials provided by a publisher, it is possible that they have web delivered media such as audio or video that would already include a text equavalent or captions. Additionally, many publishers have interactive learning simulations that can be easily navigated by keyboard shortcuts and other assistive technologies.

If you are uncertain if a particular publisher resource has been universally designed, Teresa Haven can help you quickly evaluate if the materials are broadly usable. Even if the materials have not been universally designed, it is essential that publishers know how important usable materials are to students, staff, and faculty at NAU.

If you have not yet selected any publisher materials for your course, knowing that the online resources the publisher provides are usable by all members of our university community could be a deciding factor in your ultimate choice of course materials.

Please let the e-Learning Center know if you would like assistance in evaluating the technical usability aspects of any materials for your course.


Last updated: Sep 14, 2014