How does my class enrollment get into my class shell in the learning management system?

Class enrollment is automatically imported into the learning management system (LMS) from the Peoplesoft Schedule of Classes (SOC). Enrollment is then updated every 4-5 hours to reflect adds and drops. No instructor intervention is required.

How do I add a student to my class?

Students will be automatically enrolled in your LMS course shell if they are officially enrolled in LOUIE (PeopleSoft). Although students will appear in your Grade Center before the class begins, they will not be able to access the class until the actual start date listed in PeopleSoft. Instructors cannot manually import student rosters into the LMS.  If a student asks you to add him to your class, direct the student to LOUIE (PeopleSoft) to enroll online.

If students drop your course in PeopleSoft they will be unenrolled from your course in the LMS. However, all student work will remain in place.  Therefore, if a student reenrolls, the student's work will not have to be redone.

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Last updated: Oct 27, 2011