How do I add someone to my class shell?

How to add someone to your course depends on the role of the person you want to add.

Students who are enrolled in a course through LOUIE (PeopleSoft) are also automatically added to the learning management system's (LMS) shell for that course. Although students may appear in your grade center before the official start date of the class, they will not be able to access the class until the actual start date listed in PeopleSoft. 

If a student drops the course in LOUIE (whether actively dropped or is dropped due to non-payment of fees or other causes), the student will be unenrolled from your course shell in the LMS. However, all work will remain in place. So if the student re-enrolls, no work will have to be re-submitted.

Instructors and teaching assistants need to be added through the Schedule of Classes. Contact the departmental scheduler for this.


If your Designer will have no other role in the course (is not, and will not be either a Secondary Instructor or a Teaching Assistant), you may use the Manage Users tool (available under Course Tools) to add your own Designer. Instructions for using the Manage Users tool may be found at this Tutorial.

If your Designer is already (or will be) a Teaching Assistant or Secondary Instructor in your coursedo not use the Manage Users tool to add him or her as a Designer. Instead, simply contact the e-Learning Center ( with the specific course information and the person's name and UserID, and ELC will add Designer access.

If you want to add a reviewer, guest speaker, or other visitor, please contact the e-Learning Center at or call the ELC Faculty Help Line: (928) 523-5554 or Toll Free: (866) 802-5256.eywords: access, enrollment, student, bblearn, ta, teaching assistant, instructor, blackboard, class, course, add, role, ga, graduate assistant, grader, enroll, guest, visitor, reviewer, blackboard learn, bbl, list, roster, lms, learning management system

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Last updated: Mar 13, 2013