Why should I work with the e-Learning Center?

The e-Learning Center has an experienced and talented staff who can help you reduce your workload and improve your web course. The e-Learning Center staff does not tell you how to teach your class nor is the staff experts in your content area, but are very familiar with both the pedagogical and technical issues related to delivering a successful web course. Web classes are very different from traditional face-to-face classes. Staff members can show you how to avoid the pitfalls that can make teaching a web class frustrating and can offer you suggestions that will help you to engage your students and keep them on task.

e-Learning Center trainers can show you how to make your web class more interactive and easier to manage with web course development tools.  e-Learning Center Instructional Designers can provide advice based on years of experience in distance learning. e-Learning Center HTML experts can troubleshoot your code and Graphic Designers can enhance the look of your course and provide you with templates and copyright-free graphics. e-Learning Center staff can also test your course for compliance to American Disabilities Act (ADA) and NAU web course standards and assist you in making any necessary modifications to meet these standards. All of these services are available so you can maintain your focus on content delivery and avoid getting bogged down in the time consuming technical details of creating a web course.

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Last updated: Dec 10, 2011