I'm teaching two different sections of the same course. Do I need two separate Bb Learn courses to handle those?

Not necessarily. You may prefer to combine some or all of those sections into one section in Bb Learn. This allows you to log into and change the content in only one section instead of several. All course combinations must be set up before your course start dates. They should be set up at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester.

If different sections of the same course are set in the Schedule of Classes (PeopleSoft) to have a Primary Instruction section, they will automatically be combined in Bb Learn.  Likewise, if two different courses (e.g., ACC-301 and ACC-501) are co-convened in the Schedule of Classes, they will be combined automatically in Bb Learn.

If your sections cannot be combined in the Schedule of Classes for whatever reason, ITS may be able to combine them "manually" within Bb Learn. If the sections have different instructors and/or different modes of delivery, the request must come from the Dean or Chair of your department to elc-help@nau.edu.  Please allow at least four weeks before the start date to combine your Bb Learn classes to allow for changes to the Schedule of Classes, departmental approval, etc.


You may wish to create a "Section" column in your course grade book. You then enter a section number in the column for each student. The result is that each student shown in the grade book will be associated with a particular section. Sorting student records by the "Section" column will display records grouped by that section. This can make reporting grades at the end of the semester much easier.

Last updated: Aug 30, 2012