How do I combine two or more classes into one Bb Learn class?

Classes sharing a Bb Learn shell must be "rolled up" prior to the start date of the classes and prior to content being copied into the combined section. Rolling up classes after the official Start Date can result in lost content. Please contact your department's scheduler to arrange for the combination of sections and courses in Bb Learn. There are three ways to create combined sections:

  • Primary Instructional Section (2 or more sections of a course with the same topic taught by the same instructor during the same term and session)
  • Cross-Listing (same course taught with different departmental prefixes)
  • Co-Convening (graduate and undergraduate courses of the same topic offered by the same instructor at the same time and place; or regular and honors sections of the same course)

Schedulers may contact Extended Campuses or the Registrar's Schedule of Classes staff as appropriate if they have questions about this process. Please allow at least four weeks before the start date to combine your Bb Learn classes to allow for changes to the Schedule of Classes, departmental approval, etc.

Last updated: Mar 23, 2015