SafeAssign will not open for me or it says I am not logged in. What do I do?

If SafeAssign will not open for you, re-directs you or if you get a message saying that you are not logged in to SafeAssign, here are a few things to try:

When selecting View/Complete under a SafeAssignment and you are re-directed, please synchronize SafeAssign with your shell:

1. Logged in as an instructor, go to Course Tools in the course Control Panel in the problematic course
2. Click the SafeAssign link
3. Click the link for SafeAssignments. If you need to synchronize SafeAssign, you will see a yellow banner at the topy of the web-page stating: “This course has SafeAssignment(s) that seem to be out of sync with the SafeAssign service. Please click the “Synchronize this Course” button to fix this problem.”
4. Click the Synchronize this course button. SafeAssign will then synchronize, and the SafeAssignments should then be accessible to your students

If syncing the course does not work, please try a different web browser. For instance, if using Safari on a Mac, try using Firefox. If using Firefox on a PC, try using Google Chrome. Make sure you are allowing pop-ups from in your web browser and that your web browser is set to accept 3rd-party cookies.

If you are still having problems after trying these options, please contact the e-Learning Center.

Last updated: Oct 14, 2014