How do I copy my Wimba Voice Boards from one semester to another?

After copying your Bb Vista course to the next semester, there are several steps you must take to make your Wima Voice Boards usable again.


  1. In the "old" course, open each voice board and select the Export button.
  2. Save the .wvb file(s) to a location on your computer that you will remember.
  3. Go to the "new" course shell
  4. First, delete ALL the voice boards that remain from the past semester.
  5. Second, add new voice board items that you plan to use for the new semester.
  6. Then go to the Teach tab and open the first voice board
  7. Select the import button and browse out to the appropriate .wvb file you saved in step 2.
  8. Highlight the file and select the OK button.
  9. You should see the voice entries in your new voice board.
  10. You may need to delete entries that you no longer need or want to update.


Last updated: Jun 16, 2011