How do I create a total points column in Bb Learn's Grade Center?


How Do I Create a Total Points or Final Grade Column in Bb Learn?

Creating both a total points and a letter grade column is easy in Bb Learn. There are some caveats that you should know about running totals, which are listed below the basic steps. 

Create a Total Points Column


  1. In your Grade Center, select the Create Calculated Column button.
  2. Select the Total Column option.
  3.  Name it appropriately. If you want a shortened name for the Grade Center column, add this in the Grade Center Display Name field.
  4. In the Primary Display menu, select Score.
  5.  In the Select Columns section decide if you will use All Grade Columns or only certain columns. NOTE: if you have calculated columns that subtotal columns, such as midterm, then choose the Selected Columns and Categories.
  6. If Selected Columns and Categories is your choice, you will see a new section appear: Columns to Select.
  7. Highlight the columns that you want for your calculation and move them to the Selected Columns area by clicking on the right-arrow button.
  8. Select either Yes or No in the Running Total section. If you are creating a total points column that shows only the Score, then either option will display the students’ points correctly. If creating a total column that shows the Letter grade based on their total points, please read the information on Running Totals below to help you decide on which option you will select.
  9. When your chosen columns are added to the Selected Columns, and you select the Submit button, you will have a new column in the Grade Center.



What Running Total option should I select?

You may want to select different options depending on how you grade your course and the kinds of columns that you use. When creating any column that uses a Letter Grade you should know how the grade is affected when you choose either YES or NO in the Calculate as Running Total field.

  • Choose Yes:
    You will want to select the Running Total as YES, if you want your students to see where they stand in the class throughout the semester. YOU MUST ENTER A ZERO GRADE FOR ANY MISSED WORK. If you do not, the calculation will not include that grade in the total points possible and the Letter Grade will not display the student’s grade accurately. 
    EXAMPLE: Your course includes a total of 10 items that will be graded throughout the semester for a total of 200 possible points. By the 6th week most students will have completed 4 of those items, with 80 points possible. If you use the Running Total, a student who has scored 78 points so far will show as having an A so far (78 out of 80 points in the running total). If you do not use a running total, the student's score so far would simply display as 78 out of 200 points, with a much lower letter grade.

  • Choose No:
    If some grade columns are not part of the total, then you will want to select the specific columns that are part of the total points calculation. Calculated columns are not included in the total calculation. You will not have to enter zeroes for missed work.

More Information on Creating Grade Center Columns

You can find more information about creating and using calculated columns in Bb Learn instructor guide, which you can open in Bb Learn by selecting the “Help” link at the top of the screen. Select "Guide" for the Instructor's guide. Entering “Creating and Managing Grade Center Columns” in the Searchfield will give you link to the section that describes the variety of grade center opitons.


Last updated: Aug 24, 2011