How Do I Create and Grade a Discussion Forum in Bb Learn?


How Do I Grade a Discussion Forum in Bb Learn?

In order to grade a discussion forum you must first set up the grading option in the forum. This will create a Grade Center column for the discussion.

How to Create a Gradable Discussion

Please review the Create Discussion Forum tutorial here to learn the basics of creating discussion forums. When creating or editing the forum, choose the grading option in the Grade section. Select the Grade Forum radio button, and then enter the points possible for this discussion. 

How to Grade a Discussion

Follow the steps in the Grade Discussion Forum tutorial on how to grade a discussion. Please contact the e-Learning Center faculty support line at 928-523-5554 or toll-free at 866-802-5256 if you have any questions. You can also email your questions to



Last updated: Aug 19, 2011