Can I move or copy a file from one of my courses into another of my courses in Bb Learn?

While it is possible to move a file from one course to another we recommend that you copy the file as opposed to moving it. Moving the file will remove the original file from the initial course, whereas copying creates the file in the destination course and leaves the original in the initial course for use there. Copying files, as opposed to moving or creating links to other courses' Content Collection, ensures future access to the files is available and minimizes future problems.

To copy files from one course to another follow these steps:

1. Open your course that has the file(s) that you want to copy

2. Access the Content Collection. You can access this on the left hand side menu, in the blue box titled 'Control Panel'.

2. Find the file(s) that you want to have copied over into the course. You can select multiple files to copy at a time by checking the boxes to the left of the files.

3. At the bottom of the list of files is a button labeled 'Copy'. Click on this button and it will take you to a new screen.

4. In this new screen click on the 'Browse' button. This should pop up a new window with a list of the course's Content Collection.

5. On the left hand side click on 'Course Content'. This will drop down a list with a folder labelled 'courses'. Click on that folder. This should change the screen on the right to list all of the courses you are an instructor for.

6. From this new list, select the course you want the new file to show up in by clicking the radial button to the left of the folder. 

-6a. If you would like the copy to show up inside of a folder in that course, click on the name of the folder of the appropriate course so that you go in to that course.

-6b. Click the radial button to the left of the folder that you would like the file to be copied in to. 

7. Once the proper destination has been selected, click on 'Submit' at the bottom right of the window (you may need to scroll down to this button). Doing this will take you back to BBLearn.

8. Check to make sure there is a route listed in the 'Destination' text box. This should looks something like "/courses/1117-NAU00-XXX-###-...." If everything looks correct, click on 'Submit' and this will copy the file to the new destination course.

The copied file will show up inside of the folder that was selected during this process. To use this file inside of your Course Content:

1. Select 'Build Content' inside of your course

2. Select 'File'

3. Select 'Browse Content Collection', locate your file inside of your Content Collection and select the radial button next to the file. Submit the selected file.

4. Click on Submit on the BBLearn page to create the file.

Last updated: Aug 30, 2012