I have a combined course, how do I set up my Grade Center to quickly see students enrolled in each child section?

If you are teaching a combined section and want to view the Grade Center information for students in each child section, you can use the Smart Views tool to help you organize this. 

First, create a column:

  1. Go to Grade Center.
  2. Select Create Column.
  3. Enter the column name, "Section," for example.
  4. Change Primary Display to Text.
  5. Enter any other information that is needed or wanted.
  6. Submit to create the column.

Once the column is created, enter the section information for each student. You will need a section roster to identify in which section each student is enrolled. If my sections are 1, 3, and 4, I could enter the following:


  • Student A - 3
  • Student B - 1
  • Student C - 4


Once this is completed you can quickly create Smart Views to access the Grade Center activity for each section.

Create Smart Views:

  1. Go to Grade Center.
  2. Select Manage button.
  3. Select Smart Views
  4. Select the Create Smart View button.
  5. Name this Smart View by one of the sections, e.g., "Section 1"
  6. Check the Add as Favorite checkbox.
  7. Select the "Custom" option in the Selection Criteria area.
  8. In User Criteria, select the Grade on "column name" (Text). If you named your column "Section," you will see "Grade on Section (Text)."
  9. Select the condition to "Equal to."
  10. In the Value field enter the section name as it is displayed in the grade center column, i.e., "1, 3, or 4" as in our example above.
  11. Filter Results with "All Columns" if you want to see the full Grade Center activity for these sections. 
  12. Select Submit

You will now see this Smart View listed in your Control Panel under the Full Grade Center. When you click on this Smart View only the students in that section will display. You can then create the Smart Views for the other sections.


Last updated: Jan 12, 2012