How do I set up the grade center to drop the lowest grade?

If you have a set of grades (for example, 6 quizzes) and you would like to set up a column to drop the lowest grade, and display the resulting total, you can do so using Categories. Here's how:

  1. Create a category called "Quizzes" by selecting Manage > Categories > Create Category.
  2. Categorize each quiz column: go to Manage > Column Organization, then select (check) the appropriate columns, and select Change Category to... then select Quizzes, then Submit.
  3. Create a Total Column: Create Calculated Column > Total Column. Set the Primary Display to Score; in Select Columns, set it to Selected Columns and Categories, then skip down to Categories to Select, select Quizzes and move that over to the Selected Columns. Once you do that, you'll see options to Drop __ Highest Grades, Drop __ Lowest Grades, etc. Set it to Drop 1 Lowest Grades (or however many you would like to drop) and click Submit.

That's it! The new column will now show the total of all of the columns that you categorized, minus however many of the lowest grades you chose to drop. Feel free to create different categories, name them differently, etc.

Last updated: Jan 10, 2014