How do I save my online evaluations as PDFs?

This refers to the old online evaluation system, used primarily before Fall 2013.

You may view your individual online course evaluations on the web, but you may need to download them as files to save for future use. Here's how:

  1. Open the online evaluation report for your course in your web browser (
  2. From your browser, save the evaluation as "Web Page, Complete" (some specific browser instructions below); save it to your computer, and make sure you know where on your computer you saved it; you may want to give it a better filename.
  3. Open up Microsoft Word and open the file that you saved to your computer (depending on your version of Word, you may have to select to open files of different types (e.g., all files).
  4. Once the evaluation is open in Word, select Save As... and save it as a PDF.

*Specific browser instructions for #2 above:

  • Firefox: File > Save Page As... (or Ctrl-S) > Save as type: Web Page, complete (*.htm, *.html); enter a "friendly" filename
  • Chrome: Menu > Save page as... (or Ctrl-S) > Save as type: Webpage, Complete; enter a "friendly" filename
Last updated: Dec 29, 2014