How can I improve the formatting of text using Bb Learn's built-in HTML editor?

1. Paragraphs

  • When you first create a "blank page" using Bb Learn's built-in HTML editor (Build Content/Blank Page), immediately go into the code view (click the <> button in the toolbar).
  • Delete anything you find there and replace it with the following code:
  • <p>some text</p>
  • Then, exit from code view (click the <> button again).
  • From this point forward, Bb Learn will create a proper new paragraph each time you hit enter/return.

2. Removing improperly formatted text

  • If the text in your document contains incorrect font types or sizes you can first select the text and then click on the "Clear Formatting button clear formatting button to return the text to the default type.

Last updated: Jan 31, 2013