Why is Force Completion a bad option for Bb tests and quizzes?

Bb Learn tests have an option (under Test Options) called Force Completion. We strongly recommend that this setting never be used, as it will prevent a student from completing a quiz even after a temporary network interruption or other problem. Instead, to enforce the timer on a quiz if you have one, we recommend the Auto-Submit option. 

Force Completion will prevent a student from re-entering a test even if there is a temporary network connection problem, power loss, etc., and even if the student still has plenty of time to complete the test. Auto-Submit, on the other hand, will save a student's answers and submit the test as soon as the timer expires, thus still enforcing the time limit. 

An analogy from a traditional classroom to help illustrate the difference:

A 2-hour test begins at 9am. The student begins the test promptly at 9am. So, he has until 11am to finish the test.

At 9:20am, the student's pencil breaks. With Force Completion enabled, you, the instructor, are essentially saying "That's it, you must stop." So, the student cannot do any more work, even though it was simply a broken pencil and he still had 1 hour, 40 minutes left on the timer.

With Auto-Submit selected instead of Force Completion, when the student's pencil breaks at 9:20am, you, the instructor, allow him to sharpen his pencil. So, if he resumes the test at 9:25am, he still has 1 hour, 35 minutes to finish. At 11am, if he's not done, Bb Learn will save and submit all of his answers.

Please contact the e-Learning Center if you would like to discuss this setting. In short, we recommend that you never use the Force Completion option.

Last updated: Sep 17, 2013