How do I export a rubric to the institution content collection?

You may export a rubric so that you and/or others may use it in other courses. To export a rubric to the Institution Content Collection so that others may import it into their own courses, follow these steps (you must have permissions set up in order to export a rubric to the Institution Content Collection -- contact ELC for more information):


  1. Access the Rubrics tool under Course Tools.

    Rubrics Tool

  2. If you have not yet created your rubric, do so now using Create Rubric. This walkthrough will assume you already have a rubric to export.

  3. Select the rubric(s) you would like to export by selecting their checkboxes, then click the Export button.

    Click Export

  4. In the Export Location section, choose Export to Content Collection, then click Browse to select a location for the export.

    Browse to location

  5. In the Browse Content Collection window, click the up-arrow to navigate up to a higher level...

    Navigate up a level

  6. ...and keep clicking that arrow until you see institution as a choice. 

    institution level of content collection

  7. Now click on institution, then Assessment Rubrics...

    Assessment Rubrics folder

  8. ...and keep drilling down until you reach the correct folder where you'd like to save the rubric. This should be as specific as possible given your situation; for example, if you rubric is intended for use in ETC-545 courses, click on College of Education, then ETC, then ETC-545 so that you are in the ETC-545 folder. Breadcrumbs will show the path of the directory you are in.


  9. Once you are in the correct directory, click the checkbox next to the path, then click Submit to export the rubric.

  10. You may verify the Export Location on the next screen, then click Submit to save.



Last updated: Dec 5, 2013