How do I add Alignments (Goals and Standards) to an Assignment or Rubric?

Your program may have an assessment plan that includes the gathering of assessment data based on certain standards. Those standards have already been added to Bb Learn; this walkthrough will show you how to align a Bb Learn Assignment to those standards.

  1. If you have not yet done so, create an Assignment with the Bb Learn Assignments tool.
  2. From the assignment's drop-down menu, choose Add Alignments.

    Add Alignments
  3. If you are adding Alignments to a rubric, the steps are the same once you open the Add Alignments for a rubric criteria or row.
  4. To Add an Alignment for a rubric criteria, open the contextual menu using the down arrow for rubric criteria or row.  Then, select Add Alignments.
  5. A new window called Discover Goals should appear. This is where you will find the goals and standards that you need to align to your assignment.

    Discover Goals

  6. Goals and Standards are organized in several ways, allowing you to find your specific goals and standards easily
    • Goal Sets (NAU colleges, plus the Professional Education Programs). Examples: College of Education; NAU Professional Education Programs

      Goal Set

    • Categories (standard sets). Examples: International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) NETS for Teachers; InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards


    • Goal Types (more specific standards). Examples: CAEP Assessment; InTASC Critical Dispositions

      Goal Type
  7. You can use any or all of these levels to narrow your search. For example, at this writing over 750 standards have been entered into Bb Learn. If you choose Goal Set: College of Education, that will reduce to 313 items. If you then choose Category: International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) NETS for Coaches, that will be reduced to only 34 items.

    Search Criteria

    At that point you can probably locate the standards you need, but you can narrow your search even further by using the Search box near the top-left of the Discover Goals window; in this example we'll search for "6.1":

    Search Window

    ...and now only one standard will be displayed. To add that standard to your alignments, select its checkbox and click Submit:

    Add Alignment

  8. Now your assignment will show the standards (goals) that you have added. Note that you can add more than one goal or standard to an assignment.

    Assignment with Standards
  9. You may remove a goal or standard alignment by simply clicking the red x next to that alignment. 
  10. By default, active alignments will not be visible to students when they view the assignment, but you may make them visible by clicking the visibility icon next to an aligned goal or standard:


  11. You may add or remove alignments at any time, but be sure to check with your program leaders to make sure that you are consistent with your assessment plan.
Last updated: Dec 5, 2013