How do I change a Grade Center column Category?

Categories are a way to organize your Grade Center. To run reports on specific assessments or create a weighted column based on percentages, grade columns can be assigned to categories.  For example, all weekly quizzes could be categorized as “Quiz;” whereas, the mid-term and final exams might be categorized as “Test.”  Alternatively, short writing assignments could be categorized as “Assignment.”  The Default categories include Assignment, Blog, Discussion, Journal, Self and Peer, Survey, and Test.

To assign a Category to a Grade Center Column:

  1. Go to the Grade Center under the Course Management area
  2. Select Full Grade Center
  3. Select Full Grade Center

  4. Once in the Grade Center, choose the action link next the selected column.
  5. Select column action link

  6. Select Edit Column Information.
  7. Select Edit column information

  8. Scroll down to the Category property.
  9. Go to Category

  10. Select the drop-down list arrow, and change the category for this column.
  11. Change category

  12. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Submit.
  13. submit

Last updated: Jan 10, 2014