How do I create and use the Content Collection as an electronic portfolio?

Everyone with an account in Bb Learn has a "My Content" area that may be used to house one or more electronic portfolios containing documents and other files. Contents of the portfolio may be shared with others using "passes."

To access your My Content area


  1. Log in to Bb Learn
  2. Click the Content Collection tab toward the upper-right of the screen
  3. In the list of Content Collections to the left, select My Content


To create an electronic portfolio


  1. Access your My Content area as described above
  2. Click Create Folder to create a new content folder
  3. Provide a folder name and click Submit. Your folder name should be descriptive enough so that you and others with whom you intend to share it will know what it is. Example: "John Smith Electronic Portfolio Bilingual Education Masters"


To share your portfolio with another person


  1. Access your My Content area as described above
  2. Find the folder or file that you would like to share (if you share a folder, everything within that folder will be shared as well)
  3. From the folder's drop-down menu, select Passes
  4. Click Create Pass
  5. In Section 1, Set Pass Expiration, choose when you would like the pass to expire. You may set it to any length of time, after which those who have the pass will no longer be able to access your content. 
  6. In Section 2, Select Permissions, choose the access level. This determines what those who have a pass will be able to do with your content. In almost all cases, you should leave this at Read (those with a pass will be able to read your content, but may not change or delete it).
  7. Click Submit.
  8. You will be presented with a URL (link) for your pass that you may provide to others. You may also select the pass (check its checkbox) and click Email Pass to send an email to those with whom you would like to share your content.


To delete a pass


  1. Access your My Content area as described above
  2. From a folder or file's drop-down menu, selected Passes; you will see any passes that you have already created for that content.
  3. To delete a pass, select it (check its checkbox) and click Delete
  4. You cannot modify an existing pass, so if you need to make changes, you may delete the existing pass and create a new one. The URL (link) will change, so make sure to provide the new URL to those with whom you are sharing your content.



Last updated: Jan 28, 2014