How do I link to or embed media which has been updated by the Usable Materials Center (UMC)?

This FAQ will outline two different ways to include media which has been processed by the Usable Materials Center (UMC) for your Bb Learn course.

You can use the Web Link tool in Bb Learn or you can use the tag to embed the media.

Web Link Tool
To use the Web Link tool, log in to Bb Learn and browse to the location in the course structure where you would like to insert the media. For example, this might be in a Content Folder, a Learning Module, or with in any list of materials and activities in Bb Learn.

Select the Build Content menu and choose Web Link in the sub menu. When the page refreshes with the Create Web Link form, fill out the information and press submit.

You will now see the new Web Link to your media at the end of the list in Bb Learn. You can now drag and drop the media to the correct location with in the list.

Embed using
The other method for including UMC media in Bb Learn would be used if you want the video to appear within a Bb Learn Blank Page or Item. You will use the internal Bb Learn editor to embed the media using the code provided by the UMC. Within any Bb Learn webform that contains a "Text" editor box, locate and select the "HTML" icon at the end of the third row of icons. A new window will open titled, "HTML code view." In the new window, find the location where you would like to embed the UMC media and paste the code provided by the UMC. It should look somthing like this:

</p> <p><iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="727" height="409" style="margin:0 auto;" mce_style="margin:0 auto;" src="" mce_src="">

Please note that where it says [ src="https: ], if your version only says [ src="http: ], you will need to add the "s" so that it reads [ src="https: ].

Now press submit.

When the page is viewed, you should see the media player appear on the page.



Last updated: Sep 15, 2014