What NAU resources are available to faculty when searching for course materials that are usable by all students?

There are several resources available to help faculty find and create materials that are usable by all students.

As you look for materials to include in your course, consider selecting sources that already have text equivalents such as captions, transcripts, or alternative descriptive text so that all students can take advantage of the course materials.

Cline Library

Get in-depth research assistance from your college's Academic Programs Librarian. Additionally, there are many resources that can be used to find streamed video and audio.

Disability Resources

Disability Resources (DR) cooperates with students, faculty, staff, and the campus community at Northern Arizona University to promote a universally-designed environment for the full inclusion of people with disabilities.

e-Learning Center

The e-Learning Center helps instructors use emerging technologies, assess student learning experiences, research innovative applications of technology for learning processes, and apply the results of research to benefit NAU students.

Usable Materials Center

At the Usable Materials Center (UMC), Faculty can submit an online form and request that their media be updated so that it can be usable by all members of the NAU community. This might include PDF documents that are image based and need to be converted into a text based format, or audio that needs transcripts, or video that needs captioning. When the UMC is done updating the media, they will provide a link or attachment which the submitting Faculty can easily add to their Bb Learn course shell.


Last updated: Sep 14, 2014