Introduction to Academic Integrity

This module introduces the concept of academic integrity. In this module you will

  • Identify the important components of NAU's academic integrity policy
  • Explore some tools to help you meet NAU's standards
  • Apply what you learn to course activities

This module includes text, video, and activities that let you test your understanding and apply what you learn. Allow about 3 hours to complete the module.

Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook

Part of your commitment to a university education is to agree to abide by the university's Student Code of Conduct (PDF icon, .pdf). and the Student Handbook. The handbook lists NAU's definition of academic integrity, describing it as a relationship between students and faculty in which both parties

"agree to adhere to a code of conduct appropriate to the mutually trusting relationship that must exist between student and teacher. Those values will not allow either to take credit for work not their own, or to be deceitful in any way, or to take unfair advantage of other students or of each other, or to be other than totally truthful and straightforward in all that they do."


Read the academic integrity section of the Student Handbook. Then take the quiz, in which you will indicate whether a listed concept is part of NAU's academic integrity policy or academic dishonesty policy.