This Academic Integrity module was designed and developed by the e-Learning Center at Northern Arizona University.

  • Content, design, and development: John J. Doherty
  • Editing: Lorraine Elder
  • Videography: Ken Grett
  • Art Direction: Jeanette Roe

Academic Integrity Vignettes used by permission and with thanks to The Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State University.

Information on the Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity courtesy of The International Center for Academic Integrity at Clemson University.

The following Northern Arizona University faculty also contributed to the development of this module:

We especially thank all of the student participants, including those who did not make it into the final video:

  • Alex Ashton
  • Kelly Boxley
  • Alyssa Marie Burkett
  • George B. Coulon
  • Corey Del Pino
  • Chris Herbert
  • Jessica Hornsby
  • Jordan Jones
  • Bryan Kimoto
  • Jackson Klinefelter
  • Megan Lee
  • Alexandra Martinez
  • Daniel Perez
  • Lia Sawalqah
  • Stacey Shand
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Blaine Vogel
  • Peter Winters