Bb Learn - Grade Center

The Grade Center in Blackboard Learn

There are many features and options for customization within the Blackboard Learn Grade Center. We are going to explore a small group of the most commonly used ones.

In this scenario, you will:

Log in to Blackboard Learn

To log in to Blackboard Learn (if you are not already logged in), follow these steps:

  1. Go to

    Bb Learn Login

  2. Click the Log in to Bb Learn link.

    login button

  3. On the Central Authentication Service page, in the UserID field type your University login ID, and in the Password field, type your password.

    (NOTE: If you have already authenticated through CAS from some other campus website, you might not have to complete this step or the next. Instead, you automatically will be routed to the Blackboard Learn My Bb Learn tab.)

    CAS login

  4. Click the Login button.

Navigate to the Correct Course

After you have logged in, make sure you are on the My BbLearn tab, and then from the My Courses block, select a listed course.

select course

Enter the Grade Center

  1. From the left navigation menu, in the Course Management menu, click the Grade Center link. When the sub-menu appears, select Full Grade Center.


  2. The Full Grade Center appears, with a list of all the students on your roster.

    grade center

Create a Column

Columns are automatically added to the Grade Center for work done in Discussions, Assignments, and Tests. Work that is not automatically graded can be recorded in the Grade Center by creating a Grade Column. To create a Grade Column, select the Create Column button, name the column, enter the number of points the column will be worth and click the Submit button.

Delete a Column

To delete a column, find it in the Grade Center, select the Action Menu to the right of its name (in this example, Quiz 1), and select Delete Column from the pull-down menu.

delete column

Change Column Organization

  1. To move a column to the left or right in the Grade Center, click the Manage button and select Column Organization.

    change column

  2. Grade Column titles will appear in a vertical list. Drag the crosshair icon of the column you want to move and drop the item at its desired location.

    drag and drop

Enter, Change or Delete a Grade

To enter, change, or delete a grade in Bb Learn, scroll down in the Grade Center to the student who's grade you want to change. Scroll across to the correct Grade Column. Click in the cell and type a new grade. Click OK to accept the grade change.

change grade

Clear an Attempt

Users may be allowed to take a Test multiple times. If multiple attempts are allowed it is noted at the top of the Test. The Instructor may also set a limit on the number of attempts - which will also be noted at the top. A link to take the Test again appears if the Test is re-opened. The Instructor determines if one or more of the test attempt scores are recorded in the Grade Center.

  1. To clear an attempt, giving a student more chances, find the student's score in the Grade Center, click on the Action Menu beside the score, and select View Grade Details.

    grade details

  2. Where the student's current grade is displayed, click on the View Attempts button.
  3. view attempts

  4. Click the Clear Attempt button to clear this student's attempt.

    clear attempt