Bb Learn - Developing Learning Activities

Developing Learning Activities

Effective learning activities establish student motivation to learn, encourage course participation, provide frequent feedback, and allow for checks for understanding. Such activities should also be developed in the context of the learning objectives of the course and the ways such objectives are assessed. We'll look at the following:

Discussions: For example, the integration of discussion board activities can encourage student participation by modelling the social learning of a traditional classroom. Discussions can be set up as a conversation, inquiry, debate, or instruction. The type of discussion depends on the primary purpose for the discussion.

Assignments: Assignments allow students to demonstrate what they have learned. Online assignments provide you with an opportunity to present a clear prompt and a comprehensive description of expectations. Model assignments can be linked to these prompts, and a rubric can be included too. Setting up due dates for online delivery can also be very flexible, allowing for shorter turnaround of assignments and a shorter feedback loop.

Tests: Another example of learning activities are tests, in which students can confirm their emerging understandings, check for misunderstandings, and be motivated to go further when feedback is included to acknowledge achievement. All of these activities are easily accomplished with Bb Learn tools.


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