Bb Learn - Grading Student Work

Grading Student Work

The major advantage to grading student work via a learning management system such as Bb Learn is that we are no longer tied to in-person due dates and times. Grading, in this environment, can then become a learning activity.

For example, making an assignment due closer to when you plan to grade it will close the feedback loop. In other words, students will get your graded responses back much closer to when they had completed the assignment, test, or discussion board activity. The assessment thus becomes a learning activity as well as a grading activity.

This can also be part of the design of your online tests, especially when they are auto-graded and include feedback on correct or incorrect responses. Looking once more at your grading as a learning activity, the more time spent on developing feedback for incorrect test answers can help your students better focus their attention on their misconceptions. This can also lead to the development of self-assessments as opposed to graded checks of understanding.

When a discussion is graded as a learning activity it implies that it was set up with the learning objectives in mind. When grading a discussion, you have the opportunity to see all postings by a student or all postings in a thread. Therefore, you can decide if quality or quantity is more important. If you include a rubric here, you can clearly communicate your expectations of quality or quantity, and then use it to provide feedback.

These three grading activities will post your scores to the grade center automatically. For your student, they will see the points awarded in their My Grades module, and this will include any feedback you've entered as well. This is a great way to communicate progress to your students.

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Tuesday Tips on Teaching With Technology: Episode 15, Grades and the Grade Book. While this refers to Vista, a lot of the capabilities are available in Learn. Consult with this tutorial page and the ELC Help Desk for more on how to organize and utilize your grade book as a communications tool. By subscribing to this feed, you will also be updated if new podcasts are added.