Featured Technologies

Below is a list of technologies we work with every day at NAU. e-Learning staff has experience with a much larger set of tools for teaching and learning purposes and can work with instructors to facilitate their use with some advance planning.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is NAU's Learning Management System. Every course in the NAU schedule of classes has a "shell" in Bb Learn. Each instructor decides whether and to what extent it will be used.

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  • e-Learning has purchased several "class sets" of 30 iPads. Faculty can check out one of these devices from e-Learning for a semester, or as many as we can spare, for class use for up to 4 weeks. We provide the iPads, the lockable charging stations, and basic training and tech support. If you'd like some ideas on how you might use iPads for teaching, read more. Why not check one out for a semester to give it a try and find some nice teaching apps for your subject area, and then come back to borrow the class set after you're comfortable with this new teaching tool.

  • iPods, iPads, AppleTV and iTunes Training Schedule

  • Collaborate

    Blackboard Collaborate

    Collaborate is NAU's live web-conferencing tool. You can use it from inside your Blackboard class for live activities, or access it directly as a standalone tool. It is best used when everyone participating in a live conference is at a distance, with access to his/her own computer, a good Internet connection and, ideally, a USB headset with a microphone. e-Learning staff can support your use of this tool remotely by joining your live session.

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  • Google Apps for Education

    Google Apps for Education

    Google Apps are cloud based collaborative tools for communicating, writing documents, making presentations, creating surveys and more. Every student automatically has an account, and faculty and staff can request one.

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  • Clickers


    Clickers, also known as "audience response systems," can be used to gather attendance and do live polling of students.

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  • RefWorks


    RefWorks is an online research management, writing and collaboration tool designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies. NAU's Cline Library licenses this tool and provides support and training.

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  • Quality Matters

    Quality Matters

    Quality Matters promotes a continuous improvement model supported by a database of professionally trained, community-based QM peer reviewers eligible for assignment to peer review teams. Courses that successfully meet the QM Rubric standards in an official course review are eligible to carry the QM certification mark.

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  • Lynda.com


    NAU licenses with Lynda.com, the premiere website for high quality technology tutorials, including Bb Learn, Adobe, Microsoft and Apple products.

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    MERLOT, the multimedia educational resource for learning and online teaching, has a vast collection of "learning objects" or lessons that you can encorporate into your online class. All are in the public domain, and are free to use and modify. Visit the site and browse the materials for ideas.

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  • Camtasia


    Camtasia is a powerful tool for making recordings of your computer screen. It is useful for developing computer-based tutorials.

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  • ELC Training on Camtasia

  • keycard access

    Proximity Card Readers

    Proximity Card Readers collect attendance data when a student swipes his/her NAU ID card by a classroom door with an installed card reader. For assistance with the Card Reader system, please contact daca-support@nau.edu or call 928-523-6579

  • Proximity Card Reader FAQ
  • Access the NAU Attendance Manager

  • Bb Mobile

    Bb Mobile

    There are numerous NAU Apps for mobile devices. Download the Mobile Bb Learn app for iOS or Android to access your classes on the go. Keep up with class discussions, review course content, see your grades and more right from your phone or tablet. Explore some of the other mobile NAU apps that allow you to find out where the buses are, or reduce your time in line at the food services.

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  • Mobile NAU

  • Respondus

    Respondus Test Editor

    Respondus is a simple offline editor for writing multiple choice tests. Writing tests offline is faster than composing in Bb Learn. Tests can then be easily imported to Blackboard when you're done. It's a handy tool for pulling tests out of other LMSes or from publisher test banks. Respondus can also be useful if you're teaching large in-person classes because it can quickly generate multiple versions of a test.

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  • Respondus

    Respondus Lockdown Browser

    Respondus Lockdown Browser is a tool that prevents students from accessing the web or exiting the exam to access notes while taking an online test. This product is intended to be used in a proctored computer lab. There are several components to this software. When an instructor writes a test in Bb Learn, he/she specifies that the test will use Lockdown Browser. (To enable Lockdown Browser in your course, go to the Course Management Control Panel and select Customization/Tool Availability, and check the box for Respondus Lockdown Browser. Next go to the Course Tools menu and select Respondus Lockdown Browser. Make sure that each of your tests is set to require the Lockdown Browser tool.) The client machines on which the test is taken must have the Lockdown Browser client software pre-installed. Then, when the student begins the test, Lockdown Browser activates and stays on until the test is submitted.

  • Download: Client Software for NAU Bb Learn
  • Video: Overview for Instructors
  • Video: Preparing an Exam

  • SafeAssign


    SafeAssign is an anti-plagiarism tool that searches its own archives, paper mills, and the web to generate "originality reports" on students' papers. Take informative (proactive) rather than punitive (reactive) measures to educate students about unintentional plagiarism and proper citation.

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  • select survey

    Select Survey

    SelectSurvey is a survey/polling tool available for use by faculty, staff, and students which allows one to take and create surveys via the web. Support for this product is through NAU's Information Technology Services office. If you prefer, you can also deliver surveys in Blackboard or using the Forms tool in Google Apps for Education.

  • ITS Support Info
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  • The following tools were developed here at NAU:

    Classlists is a system for communicating by official NAU email with all of the students who are enrolled (or will enroll) in your class. This tool is useful for giving pre-class information to students who cannot yet access your Blackboard class. It could also be useful if there is an epidemic, widespread power outage, unexpected campus closure, snow day during finals week, or technology outage and you need to send a message to all enrolled students about how to complete coursework.

    Instructors can access past, present, and future rosters for their classes here.

    Through anonymous end-of-the-semester course evaluations, students give instructors and the University feedback about the effectiveness, quality, and value of courses. This feedback plays an important role in course improvement as well as faculty review processes. More information.