The Webquest Design Process

Webquest Template


The introduction consists of a short paragraph where you will set the stage for the activity. Here you will establish the WebQuest's learning objectives and overarching essential question.


The task describes to the learners what they are going to accomplish by participating in this WebQuest. Here you will explain what the learner has to deliver to the instructor.


The process consists of the steps on how learners will go through the process to reach the outcome. Make sure your steps, resources, and tools are clear to the learner. Make sure students understand what it is they need to do, how they will organize the information they gather, and guidance on how to complete the final product.


The evaluation illustrates instructor expectations of the final product to the student. The easiest way to communicate your expectations is through a grading rubric. As a result, students understand exactly what is expected of them as they complete their final product.


In the conclusion, you will summarize what the learners should have accomplished by completing this WebQuest. This is also a place where you can encourage exploration to other online resources or where you can promote reflection through a rhetorical question to help deepen student learning.


The credits should include a list of the original authors, photographers, and any other necessary citations.