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Format: Mixed  Delivery Method: Self-paced  Delivery System: Online 

Instructors: Debbie Shepard, Jerold Gile


Welcome to our online Bb Learn Grading Student Work training.

As part of the Bb Learn workshop you will have access to the Grading Student Work course (as a student) and also a Practice Class (as an instructor):

1. Grading Student Work - Please take care to go through all the parts of this course to understand the different aspects of the Grade Center and it uses in Bb Learn. It is important that you complete the hands-on activities and assignments listed in this module to get credit for attending Grading Student Work (you will complete these activities inside of your Practice Class).

2. Practice Class - You will do many of the hands-on activities listed in the Grading Student Work course inside of your Practice Class (which will be titled something like this: ELC-Training-Practice-Class-2011-Spring Jerry Gile) when you login to your My Courses page on The Practice Class has content and student activity that allows you to see how different tools are used. You will use this course shell to complete the activities for many of the online workshops. When you complete the activities please let me know (using the Message tool inside the Grading Student Work class) that you are ready for me to check your work. Once I have received that message I will review your work in your Practice Class and if you have successfully completed the work I will mark you as attended in the e-Learning database.

If you have any questions about the training, I will be checking the Grading Student Work, including the class email and discussions, at least once a week during normal business hours Monday through Friday unless on vacation.



In this session you will have the opportunity to explore Bb Learn’s Grade Center and how it integrates with Assignments, Tests and Discussions in a pre-set course shell, and explore how these can then be viewed as both an assessment and learning activity. You will have the opportunity to apply what you discover in the pre-set shell.

Approx time: 1.5 hours


Grading Student Work

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