Blended Learning Workshop

Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:00pm - 3:00pm @ e-Learning Training Room

Category: Planning and Design Seats Available: 0

Format: Hands-on  Delivery Method: Real-time  Delivery System: Classroom 

Instructors: Jerold Gile, John Doherty


The workshop consists of three in-person meetings combined with a variety of online activities, which will:

  • Give you experience as a student in a blended instruction environment
  • Model good practices in blended learning
  • Provide examples of blended learning designs from various disciplines
  • Step you through the thinking and activities necessary for you to write a solid proposal and create at least one module of your redesigned blended-learning course in Blackboard Learn



By the end of the workshop you will create the following:

  • A single blended course module built out in Blackboard Learn
  • A plan for finishing your course redesign proposal