Creating your students' public voice with blogging (using

Tue Jul 1, 2014 2:00pm - 4:00pm @ e-Learning Training Room

Category: Tools Seats Available: 8

Format: Mixed  Delivery Method: Real-time  Delivery System: Classroom 

Instructors: Sharon Gorman


Wordpress is a powerful blogging tool to help your students build their "public" writing voice. During this workshop, we will explore the advantages of students using public blogging tools like Wordpress. A Wordpress site is an excellent resource as a public portfolio, too.

At NAU, faculty members have used Wordpress to document their sabbatical and/or travel experiences. A Wordpress site can be private or open to public.


In this workshop, we will specifically learn how to set up our own site, which will include instructions on how to make posts (text, URL, video, photos) and connect with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.