Bb Learn I: How do I set up my new course shell?

Tue Sep 9, 2014 9:00am - 11:00am @ e-Learning Training Room

Category: Blackboard Learn Seats Available: 3

Format: Hands-on  Delivery Method: Real-time  Delivery System: Classroom 

Instructors: Debbie Shepard, Keegan Labanz, Linda Neff, Sharon Gorman


You are new to Blackboard Learn and don't know how to get started with your course shell. In this workshop you will develop your Bb Learn shell to help your students easily navigate your course.

Below are some resources if you would like to get started:

Bb Learn - Quickstart for Instructors
Step-by-Step Tutorials

Bb Learn On Demand Videos

Getting Started with the Course Environment


To help your students easily navigate your course shell, you will learn strategies to...

1) Understand the course environment (edit mode, course management panel, brief explanation of course tools)

2) Create and organize content in your course shell (creating items, blank pages, folders, and more) and use the QM course template.

3) Create assessments (tests, gradable discussions, and assignments)

4) Effectively use the grade center (organizing and managing columns, adding a manual column, understanding total columns)