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The current broadcast schedule is now available online.

Now taking orders for educación española.
We are now taking orders for the 2007-8 school year. We will begin shipping orders the first week of August 2007.

We want to know.
Are you interested in more products for educación española? Are DVDs a preference in your school? Is there something we can add or change? Please email us your suggestions and questions to let us know.

As always, we also offer curriculum for Elementary Spanish for Grades 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 as well as  CD-ROMs, Mexican Holiday Video Series, Songbook with either CD or Audio Cassette of all of the songs heard in the Elementary Spanish series.

What is educación española?

From the Mountain Campus of Northern Arizona University comes an in-depth, lively series teaching the Spanish language. The curriculum is for one full year of instruction. Educación española was created and is taught by R. Scott Morris,Ed. D. (señor Morris). Using a compare and contrast approach, educación española emphasizes a grammatical analysis methodology towards Spanish instruction which targets students in junior high school and beyond. These elements include:

• verb tense and conjugation
• noun number and gender
• adjective-noun agreement
• sentence configuration
• cultural orientation
• and much more


Schools can implement educación española for a low, one-time fee. Purchase includes videotaped lessons and the extensive teacher’s guide. Purchasing schools own the site license and may continue to use the program year after year without paying any additional licensing fees.

Easy to Use

Educación española is designed so that even the non-Spanish-speaking classroom teacher can use the lessons easily and effectively.

Proven Record

This exciting new level of Spanish instruction is brought to you by the award-winning creators of the Elementary Spanish Program. With over a decade of success with our curriculum for Grades 1-6, we have responded to the demand for a more advanced level of Spanish instruction for older students in schools and homes nationwide.
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